MetChem EN bath Control and dosing system

MetChem’s integrated control and dosing system can automatically monitor, replenish and control electroless nickel plating baths. Record bath's concentration, pH, MTO, replenishment and temperature. All state and record could be display on touchscreen, you might also manually operate the analysis and addition via screen.

Palm3300 Nickel Controller

The Model 3300 is a state-of-the-art, automatic controller for electroless nickel plating baths. It will maintain the bath's strength within very close limits with a minimum of operator assistance. The controller is very easy to use and may be adapted for most electroless nickel solutions. The Model 3300 monitors the bath's concentration, pH and temperature, shows on 7" widescreen high resolution touchscreen which makes the user interface as simple as possible. When needed, it makes additions of nickel and hypophosphite replenishers and neutralizers to keep the solution within the proper operating range. It also keeps a record of the bath and its age, and the volume of chemicals used and remaining.

MetChem NES Dosing System


MetChem NES dosing system could be linked with Model 3300 EN bath controller as a discrete EN bath control system. Suitable to the plant which has only compact spaces to install system. Its volumetric columns make replenishment correct every time, l maintain the bath's strength within very close limits with a minimum of operator assistance.

Flo-King Filtration System


Flo King is the in-tank, four-in-one system that pumps, filters, agitates, and treats solutions used in EN, electroplating, anodizing, printed circuit, and associated metal-finishing operations. Here agitation as a natural byproduct of filtration. This feature is frequently sufficient to replace air or mechanical agitation systems. Easy to change filter cartridge and carbon treatment. Has several models for small and large tanks alike — production, prototype, and lab.
Fast, easy installation. Out of the box and into the tank! Just plug it in.