We supply qualified electroless nickel to HDD manufacturers to support worldwide data storage. And provide total solution of chemicals for plating on ferrous- or aluminum-base precision components.
Also, always welcome to contact us if you have any question about equipment, process, and application. Our chemists and engineers are glad to bring you methodical and practical suggestions.

Emerson's commercial and residential solutions business helps ensure human comfort and health, protect food quality and safety, advance energy efficiency, and create sustainable infrastructure.
HLHC supports excellent electroless nickel on Emerson’s classic electrical feedthrough product “Fusite”. The coating presents the best hermetic solutions in vacuum, high pressure, high-temperature or corrosive condition.

Our EN and ENIG perform excellent solderability and reliability in electronic manufacturing, applied on smart phone, consumer, white goods, television, and BEV. As leading companies in electroless nickel, HLHC and MetChem strive to create and supply innovative products to customers.


HLHC established since 1988. It's part of HENG LONG HANG Group. The company formerly known as YUANSHEN Chemical. We are mainly engaged in the production and sales of specialty chemicals.more

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